My Favorite Old Man❤️


My day started great!!! Coffee was rather tasty this morning, got a hold of my favorite uncle, Dan, on the phone. My energy up & flowing positive thoughts and feelings. If possible to glow…totally would be shining. My 85 year old toddler, as I refer to him is doing great!! Has purchased yet another cell phone that “might” receive a signal in the hills of Guilford, Indiana?

We have quite a history he & I, no kids of his own & my dad’s identical twin. Definitely a bond I can safely say…neither of us have with anyone else? Growing up my siblings and I, would referred to him as “Uncle Daddy”. Identical in every way…huge hands and the heart to match. Watching my uncle grow old is like getting a glimpse at what my dad might of been. Had he gotten the chance to grow old? His passing, left a huge hole that nothing seems to fill in any of us. Amazing that such a loss would bring such closeness? I truly believe in fate and things happening for a reason. Not that my dad had to go for my relationship to grow with my uncle, but if anything good came from an untimely death? It is the closeness and bond that has developed as a consequence of his death. Knowing my dad, I’m sure he was instrumental in this outcome.😇

Over the years, the gruff bachelor man image has softened a bit. Living in the absolute middle of NO WHERE, beer drinking (PBR) , tobacco chewing and, “I’ll pee off my porch if I want to” lifestyle. Well he met his match.. I give him “hell” as he likes to say. I’ve gotten him through some tough health and life situations. Situations that he thought he could do on his own, soon realized he needed me. He needed family, it didn’t hurt that I have a mouth and “spunk” as he calls it. He is still kicking with the grace of God! I can safely assume he and I still have many years ahead of us!!! I tell him all the time I’m not done picking on him…he can’t go, he is taking it for my dad too!

We talked until his phone died. Still feeling great from my morning conversation with my “favorite old man”! Wanting to share the my wonderful feeling and excitement with other family members. I quickly sent a group text. Gave the new information and most responded with the same excitement. Until….a certain member of the family, which I will refer to as “Stinky” busted my good mood bubble. I knew it would happen…always does??? Grrr😜 Anyway, quickly passed the green cloud on to another member of family before it took hold?! Whew!!! Feel better and have laughed it off!! Sorry…but what is family for, if not to cushion the blows of life? LOL 😄

Thought of day…remember to laugh and appreciate the love ones that make your life worth living!! Even the the “Stinky” ones have moments of unselfishness…sometimes? 😊

Love to all…thanks for making me who I am!! 😍❤️💋💋



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