Life Begins @ 50+??


Whew!!! What a week of new beginnings. You ever feel like you are being pushed through life? Everything happening so fast, but yet feeling like this is exactly where you are supposed to be? Has been that week for me.

Started as a week of normal routine, ended as career change and focus driven. Amazing how all events feed into final plan, as if you have no control of the direction, direction is leading you. All the usual obstacles that derail, aren’t really obstacles at all. They melt away with little effort. I love how this happens and always leads to a great personal story.

All started a week ago Friday. The one day I just happened to answer a random phone call? I usually avoid the phone unless it is someone I know. This particular call I thought was the Sprinkler guy? To my surprise NOT?? On the other end, was a Recruiter for an Insurance Agency. He had been trying to reach me since May? I had avoided correspondence, only because wasn’t sure where I wanted to be? Not interested in building a territory & hate to prospect potential clients. Two very important aspects to a successful Insurance Business. Ha!! I have my license & not wanting to let them laps, so I figured I needed to embrace the idea of going back to the Insurance Industry. Set the interview for Tuesday. Talking myself into the idea, feeling pretty good about it. Then obstacle #1…Monday’s hardwood floor installation. One day job turned out to be a two day job. Had to reschedule my interview. This would normally start the thought process of, “Maybe, this isn’t the job?”. The gut feeling was telling stick with it. Wednesday came, was ready for this…no nerves, feeling pretty confident. Left early enough…GPS took me to the wrong place??? Took me to what looked like a crack house??? Really…who was screwing with me? Trying to really derail me. Normally this would cause sweating and second guessing this “great” idea. To my own surprise, it didn’t crack me. Called the guy…told him what happened, better directions & on my way I went.

I made it to the interview late, but still not shaken. I knew I was supposed to be there, regardless of any physical obstacles that life was throwing at me. Turned out to be the best interview I had ever experienced. I was hired on the spot. Never happens??? All was working into my idea of how to save my license and not have to build a business. I was interviewing for a Benefits Consultant. I go in after meeting is set, do enrolling of new clients. One-on-one…totally works with me!!!! Completed all necessary paperwork on the spot. Went home applied for additional Insurance License, approved within 24 hours. Attended first training & have connected with new bosses. Everyone I’ve met in association with this company are all normal. No pretentious attitudes or chips on their shoulders. Normal, no flags for potential behavior issues. Genuine nice people. Still a little “floored” how fast and in the “flow” all this has been. Still much to do…I’m in the flow and I’m sure will work out. I feel it in my gut.😇.

I guess sometimes you just have to ride in the backseat. Let life take you where you need to go. Thank you for driving this week, I’ve enjoyed the ride!!! Can’t wait to see where you are taking me!!! ❤️❤️


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